Roll Call of the 2nd Deryshire Yeomanry

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Name: Rank: Sqdn. Honours: Links:
Leslie ‘Geordie’ Chaffe Trooper 5 Troop A Sqdn Certificate for Gallantry
‘Ginger’ Watts Trooper 5 Troop A Sqdn
Ron Titterton Trooper “C” Squadron
Ted Wilshaw
Keith C Douglas Captain
Harold Bayliff Trooper
Harrison Thompson Acting Corporal
Dennis Ch. Wilmott Corporal
John.L.Roberts Lieutenant
Bob Smith Trooper 2 Troop, ‘A’ Squadron
Peter De Greave Troop Sergeant 1 Troop, “B” Squadron
John Madden Gunner
? Shepard Sergeant
? Owen Lieutenant
I. Creasey Trooper
Alec Langley-Smith Lieutenant “C” Squadron
Bernard Landsman
Lord W D Taylour Captain
Edmund F West Lance Sergeant “C” Squadron
Ronald Eric Martin Trooper
Charles Godwin Beare Trooper
Cecil Hetherington Trooper
‘Bluey’ Wilkinson Trooper/driver see ‘The Mad Recce’
A F C Palmer Lt-Colonel (CO) MC & Bar see ‘The Mad Recce’
W P Serracold Lt-Colonel (CO) DSO see ‘The Mad Recce’
Frank Knappett Troop Sergeant ‘1’ Troop see ‘The Mad Recce’
Eric Lace MC Lieutenant ‘1’ Troop see ‘The Mad Recce’
Roger L Oyston Captain 2nd I/C of C Squadron see ‘The Mad Recce’
‘Pinky’ Simpson Sergeant see ‘The Mad Recce’
Bill Taylor Driver see ‘The Mad Recce’
? Richardson Lieutenant see ‘The Mad Recce’
Jack Jones Corporal see ‘The Mad Recce’
Willy Wise Corporal see ‘The Mad Recce’
Harry Brennan Corporal see ‘The Mad Recce’
Alec Langly-Smith Major Second-in-Command see ‘The Mad Recce’
Pat MacNaughten Major Squadron Leader of C Squadron see ‘The Mad Recce’
George Powel Sergeant see ‘The Mad Recce’
Ben Hampshire Driver see ‘The Mad Recce’
Jimmy Birch Operator/gunner see ‘The Mad Recce’
Cyril Garvey Reg Sergeant Major
Edwin Robertson Corporal
Alexander Swan Pringle Trooper
J. J. Gallagher Trooper
B. C. Roberts Trooper
Herbert Henry Greaves Sergeant
Derek Marsh Lieutenant No 2 Troop see ‘The Mad Recce’
Kenneth Alltree Lieutenant No 2 Troop see ‘The Mad Recce’
? Mortimore Lieutenant see ‘The Mad Recce’
Jack Howells Trooper see ‘The Mad Recce’
Jeff Pocock Trooper see ‘The Mad Recce’
George Baglin Trooper
Kenneth W G Baldwin Lance Corporal
James F Ball Corporal
Arthur Bell Trooper
Reginald E Bennett Sergeant
George H Blount Trooper
John L Bott Trooper
Peter J Brown Trooper
Leslie Frank Gray Corporal
Ronald A E Bryan Trooper
John R Bulman 2nd Lieutenant
Charles T Burton Trooper
Harold Burton Trooper
Thomas A Calladine Trooper
Ivor Calvert Trooper
Charles D Camden Sergeant
James Coates Lance Corporal
Watson Bingham Trooper C Squadron
R E Bird Trooper
F Cunningham Trooper Certificate for Gallantry
H Watts Lance Corporal Certificate for Gallantry
John Derrick French Trooper No 1 Troop, B Squadron
John Henry Edward Barton Lieutenant A Squadron
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