List of Honours and Awards Won by Members of the Regiment

Distinguished Service Order

Lieutenant-Colonel W. P. Serocold

Military Cross and Bar

Lieutenant-Colonel A F C Langly-Smith

Major J N Harris

Military Cross

Captain G. Clough
Captain C Richards
Lieutenant K Hoyne
Lieutenant E H Lace
*Lieutenant J G Pilsbury
*Captain E C Macey
Lieutenant W.C Davies
Lieutenant R Jackson
Lieutenant D C Owen

Military Medal

Sergeant A Peirce
Sergeant H Bailiff
*Corporal J Mulcahy
Corporal F Ball
Trooper G Marshall

Sergeant D Willmott
*Sergeant K Moorhouse
Corporal H Thompson
Trooper C Bake

Members of the Order of the British Empire

Lieutenant-Colonel L W Parkhouse
Captain D Richardson-Jones
Major R. Dunlop
Captain A J Jones

Mentioned in Despatches

Major R Dunlop
*Captain H Bailey
Lieutenant P E Mugliston
Lieutenant I R G Syme
Sergeant G Birch
Sergeant C Freestone
Sergeant C Shelton
Sergeant L Ward
Sergeant J Simpson
Sergeant J. Gray
Trooper G Miller

Major J B Milne
Captain D Richardson-Jones
Lieutenant W R Snaith
Lieutenant J R Bulman
Sergeant A Brown
Sergeant W Gardiner
Sergeant F Squires
Sergeant N Cooke
Sergeant J Bunting
*Corporal G Carter
Trooper H Seddon

Commander-in-Chief’s Certificate for Gallantry

Lance Corporal H Watts
Trooper L Chaffe

Trooper F Cunnington

Commander-in-Chief’s Certificate for Good Service

Captain H Tatton (RAMC)
RSM C Glarvey
SSM H North
SSM J M Muggleton
Sergeant S Durance
Sergeant H Leonard
Sergeant H Weston
Sergeant D Taylor
Lance Corporal K Arnold
Trooper W Philpotts
Lieutenant E A E Kiddell
MQMS A Coldwell
SSM A Lothian
SSM H White
SSM E M Quartermaine
Sergeant T Freer
Sergeant A Peirce MM
Sergeant C N Clark
Sergeant W L Ricketts
Trooper W Leng

Chevalier of the Order of Leopold II and Croix de Guerre with Palm

Lieutenant-Colonel A F C Langly-Smith MC

Croix de Guerre with Silver Star

Major J B Milne

Croix de Guerre with Bronze Star

Sergeant A Brown

* Awarded prior to joining the Regiment

Ordre National de la Légion d’honneur

Trooper Robert Fenwick award made 2020
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